Legacy Moments of the Month

Imagine having a unique, positive activity to look forward to each month to help you beat pandemic boredom!

Legacy has partnered with local businesses and in-house experts to create a series of deliveries and activities that will keep you entertained for the rest of 2020.

Each month, we’ll mail you carefully curated experiences you can access at any time to bring an element of surprise and fun to your days.

We wanted to find a way to build connection and community in light of these strange times. Whether you currently live in one of our communities or you are part of the greater Lincoln community, we believe everyone deserves something to enjoy and look forward to. This sparked the idea for Moments of the Month. Moments of the Month offers a unique, positive activity each month to help you or your loved one beat pandemic boredom!

Partnering with local businesses and in-house experts, we’ve created a series of deliveries and activities that will keep you entertained and on your feet. Each month, watch for an update from us for the next ‘experience’. You can access this ‘experience’ at any time that month to bring an element of surprise and fun to your days.


Holiday Appetizers with Chef Paula
When: TBA

The best way to spread holiday cheer is by making festive food! Through instructional videos, Legacy Terrace executive chef Paula will teach you how to make delicious appetizers, perfect for quaint get-togethers or enjoying on your own. We’ll provide the ingredients so you can simply follow along with Paula and enjoy bringing these recipes to life.

Rightsizing with Changing Spaces (Jeannine Bryant from Changing Spaces)
When: December 15th at 11 A.M.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of “rightsizing” – finding that place right between too much and too little in your life. Organization expert Jeannine Bryant is the owner of Changing Spaces SRS, a company that helps older adults declutter and downsize. Engage with Jeannine online via Zoom to learn about clutter-free gifting and creative ways to incorporate keepsakes and their stories into the giving season.

To register for these events and receive your materials, call (402) 580-5938 or Schedule your Moments of the Month deliveries below!

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Wine and Cheese with the Rauschers

January 4th, 2021

We’ll send you wine and cheese, then Legacy residents will show you perfect pairings.

Senior Living: Where Do I Begin?

January 4th, 2021

Ready to relocate? Kayla Schaf will explain the process and answer your questions

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